Top 5 Viewed Posts of 2015 : Tiffany Windows at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Franklin, Tennessee #4

Franklin Tennessee, perhaps the friendliest town I have ever been to, (with a whole lot of great Green Bay Packers fans) is a great place to visit and to photograph. This entry posted in 2013 was one of the top five viewed ISBBA posts of 2015. Thanks for tuning in! This was the fourth most viewed post of this year. I recently posted some even newer photos of this great church if you would like to look at those as well! Thanks so much for all your views and likes! Happy Holidays. web franklin

On my third trip to Nashville, Tenn., I ventured out to the quaint town of Franklin. I had heard so many great things about Franklin from friends and also from author and business coach Dan Miller, who hosts my favorite podcast, the 48 Days Podcast, . Miller, who lives and works in Franklin, talks often about what a wonderful town he lives in. Please see more text and photos below.

Would you like to see a photo of some of the beautiful stained glass at the National Cathedral in Washington D.C.? Please check out this post
National Cathedral Window.

One of my friends told me, if you do get to Franklin, you have to visit the episcopal church in town. The building’s Tiffany windows are something you have to see. The stained glass windows at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church did not disappoint. Its windows are a cacophony of light and color. Franklin is about a 20 minute drive from Nashville.

web four franklin

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church is full of history. According to the church’s Web site, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church was founded on August 27, 1827. The church edifice was not started until 1831 and when completed in 1834. Less than three decades later, Franklin was occupied by Union forces which used the church as a barracks. The church’s Web site goes on to say that following the bloody Battle of Franklin, November 30, 1864, St. Paul’s was used as a hospital for wounded troops.

web st pauls outside

The windows I photographed that are shown here are just some of the Tiffany windows in the church. According to the church, “The eight Tiffany windows at St. Paul’s are the creation of Louis Comfort Tiffany, son of New York’s Tiffany Jewelry Company Founder, Charles Tiffany.”

I have seen stained glass windows at many churches though few match the beauty and workmanship on display at St. Paul’s.

web franklin wide

web st pauls three

Nashville is a fantastic place to visit. On your next visit, be sure to allow some time for a trip out to Franklin and to St. Paul’s Episcopal Church. Thanks for visiting my blog today, Rob

web two st pauls

web st pauls church


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