Two Years Ago on ISBAA : Red Barn

web barn two

The more time I spend in the agriculturally-rich Garrett County, the more I am drawn to photograph its barns.

By my count, this is the seventh post I have created that centered around a barn located in either West Virginia, Western Maryland or Western Pennsylvania. Every barn is has its own shape, color and personality. They look different at different times of the day.

Barns are a link to our past. Even in Garrett County, which is still dominated by farmland, it is touching to see barns like this one, which are surrounded by new development , preserved in pristine form.

I love the slope of this barn and the way in which the barn’s color contrasts with the tall yellow grass that skirt’s the structure.

To see another Garrett County barn, please check out my Garrett County (MD) Farm Scene. I think you will like it!

Oh, and here is Garrett County Barn # 1

Thanks for dropping in, Rob.

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