One of my Favorite Barn Images : Somerset County Barn

This is a repost of a photo I first displayed in 2014

Last month we ventured up to the Flight 93 Memorial in Somerset County in Western Pennsylvania, about an hour or so north of Deep Creek Lake, Md.

On the way, we discovered Somerset County has an abundance of restored covered bridges. We took several detours to see them. One the way to one of the bridges, we came up this red barn.

It looked like it had just been painted and was quite striking against a deep blue sky.
While in good shape, the barn had its imperfections as you can see the barn door at far left is a little off kilter. I thought it added to the picture.

Some photographers whether shooting nature or architecture are always looking for the perfect specimen. I on the other hand, look for the little irregular features or details which add personality to a scene.

I added some paint daub effects using Photoshop to add vibrance and give the photo a more painterly look. Is painterly a word? Oh, well, I guess it might be now.

I would recommend this trip to everyone and I cannot wait to make this drive in Autumn. The park service has done a really nice job on the Flight 93 Memorial, which is still a work in progress. Thanks for reading.

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