Two Years Ago in ISBAA : Brightening Your Monday Morning

web flower rob paine

Happy Monday!

I shot these colorful flower photos a few years ago during a trip to a garden in Pennsylvania. For me, photographing flowers is akin to watching fireworks. The colors seem to jump out at your and radiate from the center of the plant. (please see below for two additional images)

web flower two rob paine

I have found that the closer you get to a flower the more you see. Sometimes you find really unexpected things as discussed in a previous post.

web blue and yellowflower

These photos as usual were taken with a 60mm macro which is my current lens of choice for flower photos. From time to time people looking to buy new close up lens ask my opinion on what is the best focal length for photographing flowers. I like Nikon’s 60mm, it is probably the sharpest lens in my bag. But if I had a do over, I would have spent the extra money on a 105 macro instead.

It gives you a little more space to work and you can avoid shooting in to your own shadow which is a common challenge for me with the shorter lens. The only possible drawback you need to be aware of with the longer macros is your depth of field is going to be more shallow and you will have to be a lot more careful on what you focus on.

Thank you so much for starting your week on my blog. I appreciate you being here.

Thanks! Rob

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