Two Years Ago This Week on ISBAA : Inside a Lily Close UP

Rob Paine daylily

When photographing flowers I like to bring the viewer into the plant. The closer I can get my 60mm macro to the inside of the flower the better. It is almost like entering another world in a photographic sense (please see more text and a second photo below)

I shot this daylily at Deep Creek Lake in Western Maryland earlier this month.

One advantage of bringing your lens into the flower is the shadows and shades of color (yellow in this case) on the plant become much more pronounced and abstract.
When taking this tac it is also a good idea to survey the section of the flower you are shooting. Macro lenses tend to be so sharp and pick up such detail that they can pick up details that you might not even notice with the naked eye at first.

Sometimes this can be a good thing and you will notice entirely new aspects of the scene. Missed details like dead bugs or stray spider web strings can diminish the quality of your photo.

lily two rob paine

For some other great flower close up photography I would highly recommend following
She does some incredible and inspiring work every day!

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