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Backyard Nature : A Year Ago This Week on ISBAA

rob paine backyard deer two Too often we take for granted the beauty that is right in our own backyard. (please see more text and photos below)

rob paine backyard deer one It is easy to get caught up in the next trip to Yellowstone or to Alaska but don’t forget to check out your own surroundings as ┬ánature regularly puts on a great show right outside your kitchen window.

These photos were taken over a two day period. The fawn and momma deer appeared late one afternoon in the yard. Patience did not pay off that day as the baby deer was mostly shrouded by shrubbery.

The following afternoon the fawn made an apparently solo return trip to munch on berries in a back garden for what seemed like 15-20 minutes providing a great photo op.

While photographing the scene from a upper story window I looked down and saw this bright red cardinal perched on a feeder. Some days things just click!

rob paine backard cardinal

rob paine fawn feeding

Thanks for stopping by my blog today, Rob

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