A Year This Week on ISBAA : Three Trees at the Lake

three trees dcl b and w

When you photograph a body of water like Deep Creek Lake as much as I have, you realize the your best friend in a visual sense is what lies around the lake, not always what is in it. Especially during the winter when the boats have  been stowed  away for the season and the docks  have been rolled up on to the shore.(please see more text below)

These are three of my favorite trees on the lake. They are not big or that old, but through fall, winter, spring and summer they always seem to stick together, almost like they are a family.

For me, these trees appear most dramatic in the winter when the ground is draped in snow and the lake is wrapped in ice. Outside of a few ice fisherman and an occasional snow mobile, the lake in winter offers a sense  if  pure serenity. 

This photo was shot in color and turned to black and white. But to be honest, it was such a dreary day there was not much color to start with. I personally like the photo because it conveys a sense of peace and tranquility, which is why I think  Deep Creek Lake is such a popular place to vacation. 

If you look in the far background on the right hand side of the photos those little dots you see are some people ice fishing on the lake.

To see a more colorful photo of my favorite trees at the lake, I would invite you to view the following post Snow at the Lake


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