Twisted Old Barn Takes a Turn for the Worse

September 2014
September 2014

This past May I received a friendly note on Facebook that I better get over to the old barn on Mayhew Inn Road near Deep Creek Lake because the barn is fading fast. (see May 2014 photo below)

The structure has been slowly collapsing for several years. I am very glad I photographed the landmark in May because during a trip to the Deep Creek Lake Area for Deep Creek 2014 earlier this month, as my photo shows above, I found that the barn had taken a turn for the worse. It appeared the center of the barn’s roof had caved in. (please see more text and photos of the barn taken in happier days below)

Just 12 months ago (photo below) it looked like the barn might hang in there for a little big longer but a winter of heavy, wet snow proved to be more weight than the old barn could  survive.

The once majestic structure is now slowly fading away.

old barn mayhew inn road
The Old Barn on Mayhew Inn Road in Garrett County, Md., May 2014


The Barn in Better Days  in January 2010
The Barn in Better Days in January 2010


Below are two photos comparing the barn’s condition in May 2014 and September 2013 respectively.

The old barn is a reminder for me that you can never take a photo opportunity for granted. You need to take a minute  to stop and smell the visual roses. There is no guarantee a photo you see  today will be there tomorrow, or next week, or next spring.

May 2014 View of the Barn
May 2014 View of the Barn
The Barn in September 2013
The Barn in September 2013


  1. This is such a beautiful old barn… and obviously built long ago. I so wish that someone would repair it; although that would have been much easier had it been done before the roof collapsed. 😦 Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos. 🙂


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