Solitude at Deep Creek Lake, Maryland

rob paine deep creek lake
I want to thank all the wonderful people who dropped by my booth at the Deep Creek Lake Art and Wine Festival yesterday. I enjoy meeting people and I always am interested to learn where folks are from, what they do (or did before they retired) and what brought them to the Western Maryland Area. I guess its the journalist in me. (please see more text and second photo below)
rob paine deep creek lake two
Deep Creek Lake and the surrounding area have so much to offer : one of the best four season resorts on the East Cost, (WISP), breathtaking waterfalls at Swallow Falls State Park, the best town (Oakland, Md) in the country to see fall foliage (according to Travel and Leisure), world class athletic events including Deep Creek 2014 (The the ICF Canoe Slalom World Championships) which starts later this month, picturesque views and amazing wildlife, and all of this is just a few hours or less drive from Pittsburgh, Baltimore and the Washington D.C. Area.

Interestingly though, all the people I spoke with Saturday who told me why they cherish Deep Creek Lake so much did not name any of the above attributes as the main reason they vacation here or have chosen to retire here.

Instead I heard things  such as, “I  love the pace of life here, ” “I enjoy the small town feel,” and ” and “this is my escape from the hectic pace of (put in your hometown here,  i.e. DC,  Pittsburgh, etc)

So this morning  at 7:13 AM while on  a photo drive  I photographed this lone  canoeist who  on this September morning appeared to have the main section of this 3,900 Acre lake to himself just a few minutes after sunrise. (please see photo at top of page)

What solitude, something  you really cannot put a price on.  That is what Deep Creek Lake is to me.

Thanks for dropping by today, Rob


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