Sunflowers in Suburbia

sunflowers in suburbia Fifty-five years ago the Washington D.C. suburb of Fairfax County as well as neighboring Prince William County were mostly farmland. According to Wikipedia, even as recently as the 1950s, Tysons Corner Area of Fairax was “a quiet rural intersection flanked by a few small stores.”

Nowadays in Northern Virginia, where cows are outnumbered exponentially by developers and town homes, it is a thrill to find a gem such as the Summer of Sunflowers at Burnside Farms tucked between a row of McMansions and Route 15. (please see more photos and text below)

paine sunflowers This farm that includes what looks like endless acres of giant sunflowers is located in Haymarket, Va., in Prince William County, just a few miles off Route 66. Talk about Summer Luvin, Burnside is just a great place to spend an hour or an afternoon just  walking through the fields.

I  found  about Burnside almost by accident  and decided to venture out earlier this week after reading that  a large portion of the  giant sunflowers were in full boom.  According to the very friendly folks who work at the farm, this is the second year they have had the Summer of Sunflowers.  Burnside welcomes photographers and for three dollars photographers  can get a pass to to photograph the farm and its rob paine  sunflowrssunflowers all day long.

For four dollars you can get a pass  that allows you to come back as many days as you like to photograph the bright yellow flowers. Burnside is also a pick your own farm so for those of you who are not just there to get great photos you can borrow a wagon and pick your own giant sunflowers. The cost per flower  is very reasonable.

Burnside’s fun Facebook page also includes a link to galleries of photos that local portrait photographers have shot of their clients at the farm.  There is a contact email for farm staff for those photographers who want to photograph their clients at the farm.

There are even props and chairs set up among the rows of flowers where these portraits can be taken. It is a very photo friendly place. Below are some more photos  from my visit to Burnside.

Thanks so much for dropping by today, Rob

rob painbe sunflower field


inside a sunflower

Rob Paine Sunflowers in Suburbiaflowers and barnsNAT_7861


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