An Hour of Art in the Park at Green Spring Gardens

greenspring 3 rob paine Green Spring Gardens Park has always been one of my favorite local getaways. In addition to its beautiful gardens there is always a surprise in store at Green Springs as was the case during my most recent visit. (please see more text and gallery below)

Sometimes during a busy week I challenge myself to see what photos I can come up with in just one hour at a local park. I stack the deck of course by going to the best park I can get to. Green Spring Gardens, neatly tucked away behind a car dealership and the busy Route 236 in the Alexandria section of Fairfax County, includes acres of gardens and a beautiful pond.

Since my last visit several paintings have been hung among the gardens closest to the park’s visitor center. The pond currently features some terrific lily pads and pink lotus plants and a family of ducks. If you are visiting the the D.C. area and want a quick urban escape with some great photo ops, Green Spring Gardens is the place for you!

Thanks for dropping by today, Rob


  1. Wonderful images, Rob, of one of my favorite places to visit. Over the past year or so, I have been spending more time at Huntley Meadows Park, but your recent shots of the lotus flowers prompted me to visit Green Spring Gardens this morning. I got photos of some of the same subjects (plus a few more insects).


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