Looking Back : A Year Ago This Week on ISBAA

This blog went daily a year ago last month and I have been fortunate to have a lot of new followers come along for the ride since. Here is one of the more popular posts on this blog from a year ago this week.

web puddle ducks
Saying that nature is in great abundance in Chincoteague, Va, would be an understatement. While the refuge is always ripe with photo opportunities, you should always have your camera with you anywhere you go in Chincoteague, especially after it has rained.

We were driving close to the main drag in Chincoteague when we saw this family of ducks waddling thru a puddle in someone’s front yard. This photo was shot out a car window. I would have liked to pull over but we had several cars behind us and we were at a green light.

Apparently there is at least one duck family that spends most it time in the downtown area. While dining in one of the great restaurants one night, we looked across the street and saw a line of ducks walking thru a convenience store parking lot looking for a late night snack.

We asked our waiter about it. He told us no big deal, the ducks go to the convenience store at the same time every night before moving further down the road.

By the way, if you frequently shoot photos from your car window, there are several devices available that will help you stabilize your gear as a tripod
might not be practical. They range in size and prices, but usually look like a glorified bean bag with a platform of sorts that you can mount your camera on.

I recently saw a post on an other interesting way to accomplish the same fete attaching a piece of inexpensive pipe insulator to your car window.

When you start buying photo gadgets here and there, the costs can add up, so always keep in mind that a less-costly alternative might be around the corner at your favorite Ace or Lowe’s.

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