Photography at 60 Miles Per Hour

web country road from car I am a big believer in taking your camera everywhere you go. You never know when a good photo could be around the next corner or turn, including when you are riding in a car. The photo above was taken from the passenger side of a car with an iPhone while traveling in Maryland. (please see more text and second photo below) 

web car window It does not matter if you are using a DSLR, iPhone or Ipad, there are always some great picture possibilities out your front, side or even sun roof window. This photo was shot near Frostburg, Md.

web goat photo car

You never know what your are going to see while in a car. Here, a goat grazes next to a road in West Virginia. Unless you are shooting subjects that are directly in front of you, you should try to use a slightly faster shutter speed when taking photos out side windows, if you want to avoid blurry photos. When shooting through windshields, be very aware of reflections on the glass from inside your car.

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3. Hotel in Frostburg, MD
Hotel in Frostburg, MD

This photo is from a previous post, but it is one of the better images I have shot out of a moving car.

ISBAA disclaimer- Just for safety’s sake, and I am trying not to sound like a drug commercial , I would not advise not taking photos while you are driving, ever.  All of these photos were taken while I was a passenger.  Have I tried taking photos while driving?  Well,  admittedly I have, but in about two seconds I found myself about a foot off the bumper of the car in front of me going 60 miles per hour.  That was the last time I tried that.

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