A Family on The Move

geese on the move

I have mused previously in this space about Canada Geese. They used to be migratory birds as far as those us who live in the Mid Atlantic saw it.
Now, I think I have seen them almost everywhere, except on my one trip to Canada. (please see second photo and text below)

So, here they are in New Jersey at Cape May Point. Despite their commonality, the birds are still photogenic, especially when they are with their babies.

This family was photographed on the move near the Cape May Lighthouse.

In the top photo, it almost looks like the little ones are asking for directions while in the second shot, one of the goslings’ parents is keeping a close eye out for possible predators nearby.

By the way I would like to wish everyone a belated happy International Migratory Bird Day which was officially observed  May 10!

geese on the move two

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