Fun with Apple’s Photo Booth’s Kaleidoscope Effect

paine photo booth one
This photo is of a back porch in the woods taken thru a sliding glass door located in front of a pattern rug.

There are so many cool apps on the iPhone and iPad but one of my favorites is Photo Booth. (Please see more photos and text below)

I loved playing with kaleidoscopes when I was a kid. One of the many effects Photo Booth employs can turn yours iPad into a kaleidoscope.
I shot these four frames last summer using the special effect.

paine photobooth two
This photo is of the same back porch though the foreground with the rug was not included.

I have found the kaleidoscope effect to work best when photographing well defined, graphic scenes that take in a wide variety of exposure values.

paine photo booth 3
This shot is of a small area rug set on a wall to wall carpet under a skylight
rob paine photobooth four
This image was shot next to a table with a Coke can sitting on it next to a wall to wall carpet with the small area rug on it. The red and black objects shown in the photo were originally a single dog toy made in the shape of a football.
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