Giant Viking Man in Chincoteague, Va.

Photo by Rob Paine
Photo by Rob Paine

Chincoteague, Va., is renown for its wild ponies, it incredible array of birding opportunities and its beautiful beaches.

Would you add the giant Viking Man statue to that list?  Maybe! (Please see more text and second photo below)

I photographed this impressive site on my first trip to Chincoteague. It is located north of Pony Swim Lane on the island. Hmm, Pony Swim Lane, wouldn’t that be a great address to receive your mail on.

My second trip to the area  took place less than a year later , after Super Storm Sandy swept through the region. Viking Man was not in such great shape, apparently it had been blown down during Sandy, fallen but not abandoned.  (see my second photo below)
rob paine fallen viking

This story has a very happy ending. According the the fun Web site, Roadside America, , Viking Man has been restored to his former greatness and stands tall over Pony Swim Lane.

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  1. Viking guy is in trouble again. The property he stands on has a new owner and they want to move it to the marina area. But Star, who lives across the way and claims ownership, is against it. The city won’t let her move it to her land, and she says she’ll chainsaw if they don’t let her have it.


      Hello Rob! I followed your blog when you posted this because the Viking originally belonged to my grandfather and sat in front of Ad and Mar’s A-Z Mart in Crisfield, MD for many years. When I was 9 in 1977 my grandfather sponsored a softball tournament there and Johnny Unitas came and hit a homerun right there by the Viking. I’ll never forget that. I thought you would like to read the latest about the viking. This is so sad. I’m a professor at Salisbury University now. Your pictures and stories interest me. Thanks!


      1. Thanks for the message and update Juley! I had not been back since they refurbished the Viking man but had heard the new owner wanted it out. What a shame. Its a real landmark and it would be very sad if it left the island. Do you know if its up for sale? I know of a person in Western MD. who collects statues and over sized sculptures including a giant giraffe. He has a bunch of land in a part of a county that has pretty much no zoning so he could display the Viking on his property.


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