Counting down the days to the return of the Hummingbirds

rob paine hummingbird

In a little over 51 days it will be April 15, which in the United States is the deadline for filing your federal taxes. That is not the only thing though that happens April 15. (Please see second photo below)

It is also Hummingbird Day in our household. April 15 is customarily the point where we start seeing hummingbirds flutter back to the yard so on Tax Day the hummer feeders return to their vaunted position outside the breakfast nook window.

With the feeder back up, it becomes possible again to capture shots like the one above.

I cannot wait!

Thanks so much for dropping by today, Rob

P.S. The Wall Street Journal recently ran a fascinating story on hummingbird banding in Louisiana.

The story can be found here

To purchase photos by Rob Paine taken at beautiful Deep Creek Lake, please visit Deep Creek Images .com

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  1. Birds showing up are a great ecological marker- it’s great to be in tune with your environment! I also note the day the hummers disappear – about September 1st. Do you know the species on the one pictured? Black-chin??


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