Looking for the Little Details Can Make a Big Difference

rob paine details

I always challenge the photographers I coach to take a deep breath and step back and absorb the scene they are about to document before they fire off a single frame. Photographing architecture is a great case in point where taking this step can make a big difference. (Please see more text and photos below)

The top photo is of an old barn in Garrett County, Md. This found treasure was located inches from a busy country road.

By using the foliage to frame the weathered doors and siding of the structure, the image takes more of a pictorial approach emphasizing the lines and textures and personality of the building.
The distracting road and cars are excluded resulting in a cleaner image that is an easier read.

rob paine savannah

The second photo was taken late one afternoon in Savannah, Ga. The building as a whole looked cluttered and not very exciting visually. After taking a closer look at the structure I began to appreciate the graphic patterns on the side of the building and I zeroed in on that aspect of the architecture.

Thanks so much for dropping by my blog today, have a great day, Rob

To purchase photos by Rob Paine taken at beautiful Deep Creek Lake, please visit Deep Creek Images .com

Copyrighted photo taken in Deep Creek Lake, MD. by Rob Paine, photographer, of Deep Creek Images.

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  1. Rob, your work is beautiful. I see the broken fences, old cars, and buildings that seem to be beautiful to me as well. It all tells a history of living.

    Thank you for commenting and taking the time to look at my blog and for the comments. I am not sure how to do the blocked quotes and I would like a different photo. I think I need some taken. You have encouraged me by your advice, comment, and your own photos. Thank you. It’s what I needed.


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