Winter Storm Pax : Virginia Birds

Rob Paine Winter Storm Pax Woodpecker

I woke up this morning to about a foot of snow in Virginia. Its a good news bad news type of situation. (please see more text and second photo below)

Rob Paine Wren Winter Storm Pax

Bad news- tons of shoveling (I hope not literally). Great news : wonderful opportunities to photograph birds in the snow.

The feeder on the back porch has been a busy place this morning, a lot busier than the nearby roads which are pretty quiet outside of a few snow plows and a couple of neighbors driving their four wheel drives.

The red bellied woodpecker has been constantly at the suet feeder (top photo) and later in the morning a Carolina Wren dropped by.

Will have more photos as the day progresses. What a beautiful morning!

Wherever you happen to be, I hope you are enjoying the snow and staying safe.

For me, its back to shoveling. Thanks for dropping by



  1. Like you, I spent a lot of time shoveling, but unfortunately I was not able to get out to get any photos (it was raining much of the time I was shoveling). Your shots of the birds at the feeders are wonderful. I have a tiny back yard, but am becoming convinced I should get a feeder (both to benefit the birds and to give me photo ops).


    • Thanks Mike, yes I spent about half the day shoveling too. Oh, a note on the suet feeder : it came from one one of the Wild Bird store locations. The helpful sales clerk recommended this feeder for two reasons, it usually keeps the squirrels from taking your suet cakes and it gives the woodpeckers some base to rest on. It is not totally squirrel proof, but our Suet cakes last a lot longer than they used to . Also, the Red Bellied and Downy woodpeckers love the thing as do all the birds that visit. There was a Blue Bird on top of the feeder yesterday but I could not get to photograph that quickly enough. I have not seen many Blue Birds in the winter


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