Don’t Worry… Spring is around the Corner

rob paine cherry blossoms

The best advice my mom every gave me was “don’t get too caught up in February, its a short month it will be over soon.” (please see more text and second photo below)

While February is the shortest month of the year, it can be the most brutal. It can be cold and dark. February to winter is sort of like the last 20 minutes of a bad movie or like the final quarter (or final half or last three quarters) of the Super Bowl when your team is getting romped, you just want it to be over, enough already!

This probably goes double this year as the East Coast is about to be hit again with a heavy snow, the forecasters, in great Fred Sanford style, are saying, “this is going to be the big one!”

Well, what better time to start looking forward to spring and in Washington that means the Cherry Blossoms.

I shot the photo above last year on a beautiful (and warm) spring morning on the Tidal Basin.

The flower below was shot in another area garden last summer. I don’t know about you, but I cannot wait for the flowers to start blooming again.

rob paine spring flower

Oh, for those of you bird lovers and/or photographers who may be in the path of this next storm, please do not forget to fill your feeders to the brim. The birds need the food more than usual and you will get the opportunity to get some wonderful snow photos right in your back yard.

Thanks for dropping by today, Cheers, Rob


  1. I am looking forward to spring – we just have a lot of rain here and no snow – so really I’m just looking forward to there being less mud in the garden. But I have my birthday this month so I quite like February!


  2. Just love both of these shots, Rob!! Can’t wait for Spring too. We are not getting the snow here, but we have the cold. I have been filling my feeder every few days….poor birdies


  3. thanks for this one- something to look forward to. At least for once the mountains are not getting as much snow as the downstate cities! Stay safe and warm


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