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Weekly Photo Challenge : Reflective Selfies

small self por

Anyone familiar with my work knows I love reflections, in mirrors, window, buildings, anything that mirrors a scene back at me. I guess then it would be no big surprise that most of my
selfies follow this M.O. The photo above was taken in to the center of a airplane propellor at an airport open house in Garrett County, Md. ( please see more text and selfies below)


Sometimes my selfies take more of a subtle approach such as seen in the photo shot on a rural highway in Maryland with an iPhone.

Want to see some stunning church windows? Please check out Tiffany Glass in Franklin, Tenn.

rob paine self portrait arlington vaIn my way of thinking shadows are reflections of sorts. I shot this photo next to the Iwo Jima memorial in Arlington, Va., one summer morning last year.Photo 8

This final selfie was taken in front of an office building in Rosslyn, Va. The white dome seen here used to be part of the Newseum  before the Newseum was relocated to downtown Washington D.C.  I am the guy on the right side of the photo wearing the red baseball cap.

In all of these images my goal was not only to shoot a self portrait but to establish a clear setting  so the viewer can see where the photo was taken.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog today.   Cheers, Rob

17 Responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge : Reflective Selfies”

  1. viveka

    Somehow I had a feeling that you would pick that photo from Washington for this subject – my favorite is the top one.



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