Weekly Photo Challenge : Habits- Things go Better with Coke!


When WordPress came up with this week’s photo challenge, “Habit,” at first I could not think of a habit I have that I could illustrate. Then I looked around my office and started to notice several empty Coke cans and the flattened green glass Coke bottle I bought at an art fair that sits on my desk. (please see more photos and text below)


How much more obvious could it be? I have always been drawn to Coca-Cola, not just as a drink, but as a cultural phenomenon. Right down to the shape of the classic green bottle, for me, its the most recognizable U.S. product. No matter where I am, when I have a Coke in my hands, I feel I am home.

The top two photos were taken at the Mecca that is everything Coke, World of Coca Cola in downtown Atlanta, a
museum that that traces the history of the world’s most well known soft drink. It is a great place to take photos. At World of Coca-Cola, you will see things like a bottling machine exhibit and a collection of neon Coke signs. Oh, and at the end of your visit, at least when I was there, you could get a freshly-bottled Coke.

Below, is a photo of my flattened Coke bottle. The bottom photo was taken in Montross, Va., in front of an old Coca Cola bottling plant.

web flat coke

web montross photo sign

Thanks for dropping by today. Rob


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