Daily Prompt: Fearful Symmetry -Flowers

web rob paine flower one

I cannot think of too many better examples of symmetry in nature than that found in flowers, such as the flower I shot a few months ago, shown above. (please see second photo and more text below)
web paine flower two

Both of these photos (which included some painterly effects I added via Photoshop) showcase how colors and symmetry merge into one all around us in nature.

Thanks for checking out my blog today! Rob

P.S. What exactly is “fearful symmetry” ? I was wondering too when the WordPress folks put up this daily prompt. Well, of course, Wikopedia has an entry on it, which you can find here Fearful Symmetry.

To check out some of my other flower photography, featuring both perfect and imperfect symmetry, please go to Flowers.


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