20 Minutes with My Four O’Clocks

rob paine flowers

Mowing my lawn can be challenging sometimes.

I will be rolling along and then see a flower or tree I like. I feel compelled to stop, get my camera and start shooting.

This was the case earlier this week when I noticed how beautiful our grove of Four O’ Clocks looked. I took a break from the mowing and photographed the flowers for about 20 minutes before returning to the Toro. (please see below for more photos and text)

The name Four O’ Clock (the flower is also called Marvel of Puru) I have been told originates from the fact that the flowers usually bloom in the late afternoon. Four O’ Clocks work the graveyard shift and typically remain open into the early daylight hours of the following day.

What I love about Four O’Clocks is their diversity of colors and patterns. The flowers color and shape is similar to that of a really vibrant parachute. They also can remind one of the unparalleled use of color in art by Peter Max.

Below are some more of the Four O’ Clocks shots I took with my 60MM macro that morning. Thanks for visiting my blog today!

fourclocks rob paine web three web four clock rob paine two


  1. This is great! I frequently walked around my home in Seattle while living there and would photograph flowers of all types. I’m not necessarily a flower photographer but sometimes they just looked nice:) Keep taking time to do just that!


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