Another Cool Thought for a Very Hot Day

red on snow rob paine weather

The heat wave on the East Coast of the United States continued this week. The heat index in the D.C. area for instance is forecast to be 110 degrees today. Time for another cool thought on a warm day!

I shot this photo of red leaves on snow this past winter in our backyard after we received a couple of inches of snow. I was really drawn to the contrast between the saturated foliage and bright snow. I positioned my camera directly above the leaves in an effort to get the most graphic impact.

This photo is sort of a winter version of a leaf photo taken in Deep Creek Lake posted earlier this year.

Thanks for visiting and wherever you may be, keep cool!


  1. Cool how nature teaches you composition. I’m always amazed at small scenes like this. If I could arrange the leaves anyway I wanted, it probably would have placed them like this. Nature did this naturally without knowing anything about composition or photography. Cool.


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