Bird feeder 1, Squirrel 0

rob paine photo While photographing some backyard birds a couple of weeks ago, I came upon this scene. Sometimes we wonder who eats more of our birdseed, the birds or these menaces to society, squirrels.

But on this particular morning, the SQ took the fall. I first noticed him eyeing the feeder from a nearby porch rail and zoomed in on the culprit.

He jumped and in a split second lost his footing on the feeder and went airborne as a handful of bird grub trailed behind. I fired off 4-5 frames of this slip, but this was the moment I chose. I love the way the feed seems to fill the entire frame.

Ultimately, the SQ lost the battle but won the war. He creeped back on the porch floor to gobble up all the feed he knocked down during his flight. My two dogs were not happy.


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