Backyard Birding

Rob Paine photo Deep Creek Images

There is a common misconception that in order to  capture good bird images  you must own a 500mm lens and be ready to hike miles into deserted forests. The truth is with some patience, planning, a sturdy tripod and maybe an inexpensive remote, you can shoot photos like the one of the American goldfinch above in your own backyard. 

I shot this photo from the back porch of the condo we stay in when we visit Deep Creek Lake, Md.

We set up several bird feeders which draw the birds (as well as some trouble maker squirrels) to the porch area. Sometimes it takes the birds a few hours (or days) to find us, but once they do,  its a bonanza. 

Deep Creek is on a major north-south fly path so it is a great place for birding. On a recent  visit to the area, my wife counted 13 different species of birds that visited our feeders in just one day.

I have gotten some fun shots at the feeders, but what I really enjoy is watching the birds perch on the trees above the porch, where I can frame them (like in the shot above) among the leaves and branches. 

Stay tuned in the coming days as I will post additional backyard bird photos.

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