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One of My Favorite Places : Pittsburgh


The more time I spend in Pittsburgh the more I am of the opinion that the Steel City is one of the most photogenic towns in the country. How high on my list is it? I would include it in my top three, with Boston, 2, and San Francisco, number one.  Two of my favorite vantage points are on Mount Washington and from the window of a Just Ducky Tours duck boat.

The shot above of downtown Pittsburgh was taken through a window in the Monongahela Incline toll house on Mount Washington. The shot below was also taken atop Mount Washington. The city has some great lines and patterns. Please see below for more photos and text.


imageHere is a nighttime shot taken from Station Square.


I shot this from a Just Ducky Tours  boat in the Ohio River about an hour before sunset.

By the way, if you are looking for a great way to tour Pittsburgh both by land and river, I would highly recommend Just Ducky Tours. Our tour guides were very friendly and entertaining and it is very fun way to photograph the city.

Thanks so much for spending time at my blog today.

7 Responses to “One of My Favorite Places : Pittsburgh”

  1. Tinny Time

    I am going to the Pittsburgh area this weekend, but for a haunted house: 100 Acre Manor….so that’s all I will be seeing in the area…so yay for your pics! hehe



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