Three Years Ago on ISBAA : Roadside Attraction near Winchester, Va.

rob paine dino land twoI have written about this unique roadside attraction before but since August is the height of vacation season for many, I thought I would share some more photos of Dinosaur Land in Virginia.  (Please see more photos and additional text below)

rob paine dino land one

If you do not know it is coming, seeing these gigantic dinosaur sculptures next to Route 522 South in White Post, Va., can be quite startling.

No worries, you have just reached Dinosaur Land.

According to its Web site, Dinosaurland has be in operation for 50 years. “The roadside attraction features over 50 dinosaurs, inviting visitors to step into the world of the prehistoric past, turning back the pages of time to the Mesozoic era, when dinosaurs were the only creatures that roamed the earth,” the Web site states. With 50 dinos on display, there are plenty of curves to photograph in this bunch.

rob paine dino land three
Giant dinosaur sculptures greet visitors near the entrance to Dinosaur Land in Virginia.

You cannot beat the admission prices: Ages 2 – 10 years: $5.00, Ages 11 years and up: $6.00.
Route 522 also provides some great vistas of the mountains. The dinosaurs shown in these photos are the ones located outside the prehistoric theme park. There are dozens more behind the entrance gates.

These photos were taken on a Sunday afternoon drive back from Deep Creek Lake. The late afternoon sun falls nicely on the dinosaurs, which made for some good pictures. Dinosaur Land is a short drive off Interstate 81 and not far from Winchester, Va.

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rob paine dino land four

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