Inspired by The Northern Virginia Senior Olympics

Photo and graphic by Rob Paine

One of the most satisfying things about volunteering and working with volunteers is you meet some very inspiring  people like Clarence John Wells-Martin, a competitor in the Northern Virginia Senior Olympics. Clarence, a lifelong athlete and a retired U.S. Capitol policeman, is 71-years-young and is preparing for his third Northern Virginia Senior Olympics that begins Sept. 9.

I took  this promotional  photo of him during a Fairfax County Channel 16 video taping at a local high school earlier this month. Clarence is in training and plans to enter 12 events in the NVSO in September. (please read below to find out what he does on top of this which  is really amazing! 


Photo by Rob Paine

Shortly after  Clarence is finished with this year’s  NVSO, he will get on a plane  and go on a three-month mission  to Africa and to the Middle East during which  he will bring much needed  donated athletic supplies to young athletes in countries such as  Kenya.

Clarence exemplifies the Northern Virginia Senior Olympics’ slogan which is  “Living Healthy Longer.”

If you are 50 years old or older or know someone who is and live in the Northern Virginia Area and would like to be in the NVSO, please check out the NVSO website.




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