Four Years Ago on ISBAA Lines and Shadows on The Boardwalk

paint daubs ATLANTIC CITY

Several years ago my in-laws invited me to go along and a short trip to Atlantic City, N.J. I was excited to go as it was my first visit to this gambling mecca on the Atlantic. Atlantic City is a contrast of glittery bling and urban decay. I chose to shoot the bling in color and see the decay in black and white.

In the spirit of full disclosure, our visit was during that cold period of time between Thanksgiving and Christmas, so the boardwalk was not decorated in its full summer regalia.

I shot the above photo while walking on the boardwalk one morning. Whenever possible, I try to get people in my photos to add a human perspective and sense of scale. I loved the texture of the building wall and sign that this man was spiffing up. The original was in color, but in black and white, the personality of the weathered wall and building is more apparent. I also thought the color distracted from the lines and graphic appeal of this scene.

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