Three Years Ago on ISBAA : A Beach in New Jersey that Lives up To Its Name

rob paine sunset beachFor me every sunrise and every sunset is a work of art. I knew though I was really in for a sight when I visited a place called Sunset Beach,N.J. (please see more text and second photo below)

Sunset Beach is located on the southern tip of New Jersey and offers a view of the sunset with a 100% unobscured horizon line. According to local tour guides, due to certain atmospheric conditions at Sunset Beach, the sunsets are among the most dramatic you will ever see. Based on my one sunset visit, I would tend to agree.

rob paine sunset beach two

Sunset Beach also offers some great framing opportunities including a sunken concrete ship which is located right off the beach and is shown in the top photo.

There are also plenty of people at the beach for sunset, so silhouette opportunities abound. Seabirds are plentiful adding  points of interest to your sunset shots. Thanks so much for dropping by today, Rob

Please feel free to leave a reply. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughtful feedback, Rob

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