Looking Back on Lake Tahoe

Rob Paine photo of Lake Taho
I shot this photo at Sand Harbor, a state park in Lake Tahoe, Nevada during a vacation trip to the area.

Sand Harbor is one of the most picturesque sites in Lake Tahoe. It has inspired artists for generations and is a popular filming location for movies and television. Recently we were watching an old episode of Bonanza on Netflix and sure enough one of the scenes was filmed on the shore of Lake Tahoe at Sand Harbor. Please see below for additional photo.

Our trip was in May. The weather was perfect, little on the cool side, and there was still snow on the ground in the higher locations. The summer tourism season was not in full swing so the crowds were relatively small. I am told during the summer Sand Harbor State Park gets very very busy.

I saw this scene as we were about to leave. This couple was relaxing alone on the beach in some pretty heavy clothing with the beautiful Sierras behind them. I used the longest lens I had with me (a 200mm) and got as low to the ground as I could to compress the area between the water and the couple, which was a lot longer distance than it appears here.

Below is another view of Sand Harbor featuring some of the gigantic rocks in the park. If you look to the right you will see some people walking which gives you an idea how big the boulders are.

rob paine lake tahoe sand harbor
Out of all the places I have visited with my camera, Lake Tahoe would definitely make it to my top five list for best places to photograph.

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