Fun Things To Do at Deep Creek Lake, MD- Find Nature


No matter the time of year, nature is plentiful in Western Maryland,  the home of Deep Creek Lake. According to the state of Maryland, six state parks are found in Garrett County alone, the closest to 37 Laurel Brook being Deep Creek Lake State Park. (please see more below)

How close to 37 Laurel Brook Drive at Deep Creek Lake? Deep Creek Lake is less than a mile from 37 Laurel Brook Drive and it usually takes few minutes to drive to. Herrington Lake and Bradford Lake (which also have great hiking paths) are both less than a half-hour drive from 37 Laurel Brook.

Be sure to take your camera ! You never know what you might see.

37 Laurel Brook Drive is For Sale

One response to “Fun Things To Do at Deep Creek Lake, MD- Find Nature”

  1. I love walking through nature. I’ve explored just about every park or reservation within 40 minutes of my apartment and a couple that were 2 hours away. I plan to keep expanding that radius. 🙂


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