Three Years Ago : Accident in Maryland

Rob Paine Horse

This photo was taken in Accident, Maryland, a small town in Western Maryland on the way to Deep Creek Lake.

This is the same place an earlier post image was taken on framing horses. Please check out second version of this photo below.

Accident is a small village surrounded by farmland. It has a fantastic small town July Fourth parade every year and a terrific bakery.

I loved the character of the barn in this scene with its classic look and weathered boards.

I waited for the horse to mosey into the right place and took my photo. It seemed like a friendly horse. It later trotted next to the fence separating me from the pasture. I shot some photos of the hose with a wide angle lens featuring it in the foreground but during editing I thought this angle had more interest and showcased the the barn and horse’s environment better.

Accident is also home to FireFly Farms where you can purchase an incredible array of goat milk cheese.

FireFly was recently featured in a Washington Post travel piece about all the things to do in Garrett County (MD) outside of Deep Creek Lake.

Thanks for dropping in and have a wonderful Sunday.


PS- was going thru some old files and found this second version of this same photo. I think it is ok, but it looks a little too perfect (IE Set up), but its probably a better portrait of the horse. Would love some feedback from the horse lovers out there.

Cheers, Rob

web horse and barn version two

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