Three Years Ago on ISBAA : Dawn Fishing at Deep Creek Lake


I was on my way to photograph the SavageMan Triathlon last fall at Deep Creek Lake, MD, when I saw this fisherman in the fog just after sunrise.

Taking fishing photos at the lake is my thing so I had to stop and spend some time getting this image. I feel a kinship with fishermen perhaps because anglers and photographers both share a passion for rising before dawn. Ok, maybe its more a need than a passion. If I could get great light like we do in the moments before and during sunrise at lets say 8:30 A.M., I could settle.

I remember once a few years ago I gotta out of bed a little late and arrived at a foggy fishing hole about 15 minutes after sunrise. The two fishermen I was photographed yelled across the water to give me grief for not being out with my camera as the sun was rising.

The morning this photo was taken was very foggy, which always adds some drama to the scene. I shot the breeze with the gentleman fishing and snapped some photos for a while before moving on to the triathlon.


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