Three Years Ago on ISBAA : Savannah

Several years ago I was fortunate to take a recruiting trip to Savannah, Ga. Whenever I travel for work, I always like to schedule in at least a few hours to roam and take pictures.

Late one afternoon I must have walked the streets of Savannah for several hours, taking photos of buildings, churches, flowers and historic areas along the river. As the sun started to set, the light was fantastic and I snapped the image (above) of a light pole in front of an old building. I love the antique look of the light pole silhouetted against the colorful background of the sky and classic architecture.

For me, walking is the best way to explore a new place. You are not restricted by stop lights or one way streets as you would be in a car. If you see something you would like to photograph, you do not have do stop and find a parking space first. Savannah is one of the more walkable cities I have toured. There always seemed to be something of interest just around the next corner. Oh, and did a mention, walking is great exercise.

In addition to Savannah‘s historic downtown area, another must see destination when visiting Savannah is the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge. The refuge is a great place to see several species of birds as well as american alligators.

Savannah is also a favorite of filmmakers. According to Visit Historic Savannah, more than 75 television or movie productions have been filmed in the area just in the last 100 years, including Forest Gump, Glory, Roots, and Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. There is even a movie tour that will bring you to dozens of the filming locations in Savannah.

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