Cheese Head Rewind

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On Monday the Super Bowl champions Denver Broncos visited the White House to meet with President Obama. It reminded me of the visit the Green Bay Packers made to August of 2011 after winning that team’s most recent Lombardi Trophy after beating the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Super Bowl. Hard to believe that was five years ago.

Being big Packers fans, we took the day off and ventured down to D.C to possibly catch a glimpse of Aaron Rodgers, Clay Matthews Donald Driver, Mike McCarthy and the rest of the team.

While waiting for the guys to return to their bus after the ceremony, I captured these images of two policemen (from Arlington County, Va. I believe) having some fun with one of the Packers fan’s cheesehead. The police were waiting to give the Packers an escort back to the airport.

It was an offbeat moment as the one of the officers wore the cheesehead and showed it off to fellow officers who appeared to enjoy the moment. (photo below)

Later I shot some frames of Rodgers, Driver and the guys waving to the dozens of waiting Packers fans before getting on the bus but these photos were the most memorable for me.

web cheese two

Hopefully, the Packers will be back at the White House this time next year to celebrate another Super Bowl win. Of course the road to Houston, site of the next Super Bowl, will go thru Washington where the Packers meet the Washington Redskins Nov 20th. Go Pack Go!

Aaron Rodgers before boarding the team bus after the White House visit.
Aaron Rodgers before boarding the team bus after the White House visit.


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