Two Years Ago : Rescued Golden Eagle

rob paine deep creek golden eagle

These photos were taken at the aviary at Deep Creek Lake State Park in Western Maryland. (please see more photos and text below)

On several Sundays each month staff based at the park’s Discovery Center take some of the rescued birds who live in the park’s aviary out of their houses and show the birds to park goers as part of the park’s Aviary Encounter Program. On this visit, the park’s golden eagle (above) was included in the presentation along with an owl. (shown below)


rob paine owl

All of the birds in the aviary are rescue birds, many hit by cars. They have been rehabilitated but can no longer survive in the wild. The golden eagle shown at the top of this post was rescued at the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge near Cambridge, Md.
rob paine owl parks

The aviary talks are free. For more information on The Discovery Center and to see a park schedule and find out when the next Aviary Encounter Program is, please check out the following link Discovery Center.

Thanks for dropping by today, Rob.

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