Two Years Ago : Dog Walking Along the Falls

dog walk on river rob paine
Earlier this month I took a hike along the river at Swallow Falls State Park in Western Maryland. (Please see more text and second photo below)

It turned out to be a warm winter day though due to the recent cold snap the trails in the park were covered with ice and snow. While heading for one of the observation points near the Swallow Falls portion of the park, I captured this view of a group walking dogs next to the falls.

The falls are beautiful on their own, but the hikers and dogs silhouetted against the raging river added a great deal of interest to the image. I am especially thankful to the guy in the photo who looks like he is about to throw a snow ball at one of his friends. It added some action to the shot.

Below is a second photo of the falls take a little further down the river sans hikers.

rob paine swallow falls

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