Two Years Ago on ISBAA : Winter Moonrise over Deep Creek Lake

winter sunset deep creek lake rob paine

This photo was taken during a recent winter trip to Deep Creek Lake. It had been a cloudy weekend with a little rain and some snow but late Saturday afternoon the sun came out and the sky turned almost  scarlet in color.  I grabbed my gear and headed out to the lake, but  the view of the sunset sky was not as accessible as I would have liked. So, I headed for the moonrise. (Please see second photo and more text below)

As I drove towards the lake where  I cold see the moonrise I saw a beautiful scene. The sky was a color blue I am not sure I have seen before and it was reflected on a slim film of water that covered the frozen lake.

I set up my tripod and started shooting some long exposures to get the image above. The red and orange light from the sunset behind me cast shades onto the sky creating an interesting blend of  blue and red.

Below is what the sky looked like about 10 minutes before I shot this photo. The color change was rapid.

rob paine deep creek winter sky

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