A Year Ago Today : Framing from Trolley Tours

Photo by Rob Paine/Copyright 2015
Photo by Rob Paine/Copyright 2015

At first, riding a tour bus to take photos in a downtown area seems like it would be a frustrating experience. You cannot move around much and you are relegated to what ever angle the driver ends up putting you in. It turns out the opposite is true. (please see more below)

Photo by Rob Paine/Copyright 2014
Photo by Rob Paine/Copyright 2014

I have ridden trollies and Duck Boats cities such as Seattle, Lake Tahoe, Nashville, Key West, Boston, Cape May, N.J. and in Pittsburgh to name a few and I have found the buses and boats usually provide some prospectives and angles for photos  that walking on ground level might not. Plus, if you are in a city for the first time, the tour will give you a good overview of the area so later you can go back on your own to the places that pique your interest and take more photos if you like.

Photo by Rob Paine/Copyright 2014
Photo by Rob Paine/Copyright 2014

What has been my favorite tour so far? They all have been great, but I would have say that the  Just Ducky boat tours in Pittsburgh is the best. The Duck Boat tour in Seattle comes in a close second.

One other note. On the trolley tours, the windows can add some neat framing to your shots. The trolleys in Nashville, from which the top photo of the AT&T Building was taken from  and the trolleys in Cape May (from which rest of photos on this post were taken) had the same etching designs on their windows as you might notice when comparing the top two images in this post.

According to Wikipedia, the AT&T building’s distinctive design and dark coloration have earned it the nickname “Batman Building”, due to its resemblance to the mask of superhero character Batman.

Thanks so much for dropping by, Rob

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