Two Years Ago on ISBAA : A Study in Water and Color

web water color

I find myself looking more for color in water these days. Whether its autumn foliage reflected in a local lake (see above) or a city scene captured thru a rain covered car window (see below) the reflective properties of water can really spice up an image.

web rain drops


When photographing trees reflected in a lake I tend to use the longest lens possible employing a wider depth of field so I can maintain sharpness throughout the Layers of color in the scene. The city shot was photographed with my iPhone while stopped at a light in Washington D.C, so that was taken using a fairly wide angle lens the the water drops on my window.

Want to see some more fall color? Please check out Happy Monday.

web color water


Thanks so much for dropping by today, Rob

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  1. Beautiful! With all the rain we’ve had I’ve been out taking a lot of fall photos while everything is still wet. I’m spending more time taking photos than I am blogging. The plan is to share them during the cold winter months. Love the raindrops on the window and the colorful background. These are just beautiful.


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