A Year Ago Today on ISBAA…

fog between the mountains In my formative years as a photographer I was always very impressed by the work of Robert Llewellyn
Mr. Llewellyn’s work has a incredibly clean look and his photographs of Albemarle County in Virginia (home of Monticello and the University of Virginia )are particularly favorites of mine. His aerial work of Central Virginia has a fresh sense of color and possibility. He captures the feel of an early mountain  morning like few can.  (please see more text and second photo below) fog over dcl I always urge the photographers I teach and coach to develop their own style and approach yet I think all the artists I have worked with would admit after a beer or two that while they have their own style but there is a little bit of some of their favorite painters or photographers in their work.

That is definitely the case for me as  Robert Llewellyn’s work left an impression on the way I look at things. Perhaps  that is why I love the early morning mountain sunrises over the Appalachians in Western Maryland or over any mountains that run along the Eastern U.S. I love the look of the layers of fog between the ridges.

Both these photos were shot above Deep Creek Lake earlier this spring shortly after dawn. It is an incredible view every day but it is extra special on the mornings when the mountains are enveloped  with fog.

What photographers or artists have influenced your work?

Thanks so much for visiting my blog today! Rob

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