Happy Earth Day 2015

Photo by Rob Paine/Copyright 2025 Deep Creek Images
Photo by Rob Paine/Copyright 2015 Deep Creek Images

When you think about it, every day is Earth Day if you are a photographer. We are very fortunate to have the tools and skills and passion  to document the beautiful world of nature around us. Today I hope you will look below to a gallery of my nature work. Enjoy!

9 responses to “Happy Earth Day 2015”

  1. Skills I can learn, equipment I can acquire, but there is nothing like having the passion to want to share the wonders of the world with others. Your amazing images are a great reminder of the beauty of the natural world.


  2. Rob, this is so true and these images are simply beautiful.It is hard to pick a favorite, but I love the one with the family of ducks and the rabbit. Photographers do seem to be sensitive, caring people. This is a visual feast. Happy Earth Day to a wonderful soul.


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