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A Year Ago This Week : Squirrel Eating Lunch in the Snow

_BCF9625 I shot this photo of a visitor to a back porch feeder during a recent snow.

Squirrels are rare in that they can be so cute and so annoying at the same time. They hog bird food and when you catch them in the act, they give you this look like they are saying “so what are you gonna do about it?”

From a photographer’s viewpoint though, squirrels really standout in the the snow and the have no problem posing for photos. They also are not deterred by bad weather. The feeder is always the object of their affection. Squirrels are sort of like the U.S Postal service of animals, no matter, snow, sleet rain…..

To see another of my posts featuring a squirrel, please check out Camera Shy Squirrel in Boulder, Colorado.

Thanks so much for dropping by today, Rob.

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