2014 Year in Review : Deep Creek 2014

Jessica Fox Graphic
Before the new year gets off to a roaring start,  I thought it would be fun to look back on some of the most viewed and most “liked” posts on this blog. I may also throw in a couple of my personal favorites.

For those of you who missed these posts the first time out,  I hope you will enjoy  them.  For those long timers  I hope you will enjoy taking a second look. 

While most of my work on this blog is centered around wildlife and nature I really enjoy shooting sports, something I spent a lot time covering when I worked in the news business.

This past September the 2014 ICF Slalom World Championships took place in McHenry, Md. and I  took a break from following nature and spent four days on the terrific ASCI whitewater course photographing the best slalom canoe racers in the world at Deep Creek 2014.

DEEP CREEK 2014 FABIEN Below is my final gallery from Deep Creek 2014, the ICF Slalom World Championships held in McHenry Md. (please see more text and gallery below)

I have shot hundreds of sporting events at the amateur and pro level. Deep Creek 2014 was one of the best run, funnest and most photographer friendly events I have ever shot. Where many event and pro league officials are making it harder for photographers to do their job and get close to the action, the folks who ran Deep Creek 2014 did the opposite.

They were friendly, straightforward and even insisted that every photographer shooting near the rapids wear a life vest. Photographers literally could get right next to the water and the lifejackets were there just in case you got too close and fell in.

The army of volunteers, who numbered in the hundreds, was incredible to work with. The officials on the course were friendly and also accommodating. NBC is televising highlights of the championships in the United States beginning this weekend. The NBC staff  was also very easy to work with. A very special thank you goes out to Dawn Beitzel of Deep Creek 2014 who ran the PR effort and coordinated all the media covering this international event.

She and her team did an incredible job.  I hope you enjoy the gallery. Cheers, Rob

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