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Common Moorhen at the Viera (Florida) Wetlands

Photo by Rob Paine/ Copyright 2014

Photo by Rob Paine/ Copyright 2014

Here is another photo I shot earlier this month of a Common Moorhen at the fantastic Viera Wetlands in Florida.

Thanks so much for stopping by, Rob

6 Responses to “Common Moorhen at the Viera (Florida) Wetlands”

  1. aussiebirder

    Beautiful pic, I love reflection shots with birds, and the water affect. Your Common Moorhean looks just like our Dusky Moorhen except for the white beak tip. The Dusky has a bright yellow tip. I have pics and video in my current blog of the Dusky feeding its new chicks.


  2. Ashley

    Your Common Moorhen looks identical to our Dusky Moorhen, except yours has a white beak tip and ours a bright yellow. I have some Duskies feeding their new chicks in my recent blog, in video and pics. Thanks again for your beautiful pics!


  3. seaangel4444

    Great shot, Rob! I have never seen this bird before! I chuckled to myself when I noted the name, “Common Moorhen”; clearly, it is anything but common to me! *grin* Cher xo



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