A Year Ago this Week on ISBAA : A Visit to Chincoteague, Va.

This blog went daily a year ago and I have been fortunate to have a lot of new followers come along for the ride since. I have recently began reposting popular photos I placed on this blog a year ago.

web pony grazes

To everyone lucky enough to be on Chincoteague Island today, Happy Pony Swim Day! Photographing this great event is definitely on my bucket list and I hope to be there some year soon! (Please don’t miss slide show below)

I have only been to the island twice in my life, so I feel like I have only really scratched the surface when it comes to taking photos there. It is one of my 4 favorite places to make pictures.

I photographed the Chincoteague pony above near the main refuge road during our visit this past February.

Of course, when you are in Chincoteague, don’t forget about the birds! Below is a short slide show of some of my bird photos shot at Chincoteague that have not appeared in posts yet. As always, thanks for visiting my blog and enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


  1. Great photos! I just love Chincoteague. It’s one of my favorite places to bird, especially when I can steal away overnight and get up at dawn (which looks to be the time of day when you got your Oystercatcher photo – love it!).


    1. thanks for your nice comment. There are two hotels as you know that area located right next to the causeway that leads to the refuge’s main entrance.
      Those are the best places to stay as you can be first at the refuge gate before sunrise!


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