Trompe L’oeil in Martinsburg, West Virginia

trompe l'oeil Rob Paine four

During a recent day trip to Martinsburg, West Virginia, I noticed these great tromp L’oeils in Martinsburg’s historic downtown area.  (please see more text and photos below) 

trompe l'oeil Paine two It was a very bright, clear day and the sun was hitting the three dimensional paintings just at the right angle to make the wall art look even more lifelike.

The murals were painted by William Cochran.   Cochran‘s fantastic work can be seen in cities across the country.  In the MidAtlantic area he is perhaps best known for his Community Bridge project  in Frederick, Md. According to Cochran’s Web site, the name of his work in Martinsburg is called “The Lonesome Touch”

trompe l'oeil paine three

The bricks surrounding the pictures served as fantastic frames and added even more dimension to the art on the wall.

trompe l'oeil Rob paine five

trompe l'oeil Paine oneThanks so much for dropping by today! Rob


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